Level 4 Data Analyst

Level 4 Data Analyst


The primary role of a Data Analyst is to collect, organise and study data to provide business insight. Data analysts are typically involved with managing, cleansing, abstracting and aggregating data, and conducting a range of analytical studies on that data. They work across a variety of projects, providing technical data solutions to a range of stakeholders/customers issues. They document and report the results of data analysis activities making recommendations to improve business performance. They have a good understanding of data structures, database systems and procedures and the range of analytical tools used to undertake a range of different types of analyses.

What will I learn?

Data analysts assist companies to access and order the terabytes of data they accumulate or have access to and then make this accessible by visualising this data in real time dashboards.

You’ll learn the data life cycle including the different types of data,the differences between structured and unstructured data and the fundamentals of data structures, database system design, implementation and maintenance and apply the tools and techniques for data analysis, data visualisation and presentation.

What qualifications can I gain?

As part of the Level 4 Data Analyst you’ll be registered as a member with the British Computer Society and be on a fast track to a range of industry recognised qualifications, in demand by employers including:

• Microsoft Professional Diploma in Data Science
• EMC Data Science Associate
• Level 4 Apprenticeship (equivalent to a Foundation Degree)
• Microsoft T-SQL Development Foundation
• Microsoft Office Certifications in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Hands on time solving problems with with Azure Machine Learning, Pentaho ETL, R, Microsoft PowerBI

Please upload your CV in PDF or docx format.